Event Calendar

The 2021 event calendar is as follows (all Tuesdays unless noted). Also, all of our standard time period club games are both ACF and FIDE rated; these have a time setting of 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move, unless otherwise noted. Our rapid games have a time setting of 15 minutes plus 5 seconds per move.

All games get underway by 7:30pm, or as soon as possible after this time, with a 30 minute forfeit period. We take member etiquette very seriously. Read the link to ensure you understand your responsibilities, if you cannot attend a round.

Thinking of coming along to check us out? Then check out the calendar below. Our rapid, allegro or lightning event nights are a good time to come. Our long time frame events run 5 or 7 weeks, so coming on the first round of those events is a good idea.

Note: To play in a long time frame event, it costs $15 (cash) for the whole event, and please bring a pen (while the covid rules are in place) for you to record your moves.

Skill level: You don’t need to be a champion player to join, but we are not really suited for raw beginners either. Someone with 6-12 months of casual chess experience should be fine.

Annual General meeting and presentation night (for 2020), 19 Jan

Honourable Bob, rounds 1-5: 2 Feb to 9 Mar
Lightning #1: 7 rounds of 5-minute + 3-sec chess: 16 Mar
CJS Purdy Cup, rounds 1-2: 23 Mar to 30 Mar, then rounds 3-5: 13-27 Apr
Allegro #1: 5 Rounds (10 mins + 10 seconds per move), Fischer Random Opening, 6 Apr

Hobsons Bay Cup, rounds 1-7: 4 May to 29 Jun (due to COVID)

Lightning #2: 7 rounds of 5-minute + 3-sec chess: 6 Jul

Rapid play: Western Master, Major, Minor and Swiss, Rounds 1 to 5: 13 Jul to 21 Sept (extended due to covid lockdown #5, #6). Rounds 3-5 cancelled due to lockdown #6.

Losing Points Lightning, 5-minute chess, 10 Aug CANCELLED due to COVID lockdown #5, #6

Koshnitsky Cup, rounds 1-5: 14 Sep to 12 Oct (5, not 7 rounds)CANCELLED due to COVID lockdown #5, #6

Best in the West, 28-29 August (more details here) CANCELLED

Club championship and reserves, rounds 1-4: 28 Sep to ?? Nov 

Allegro #2: 5 Rounds (10 mins + 10 seconds per move), TBA opening, ?? Nov

Club championship and reserves, rounds 5-7: ?? Nov to 7 Dec (with room for another lockdown ;-( )
Presentation night and AGM: 14 Dec (Party, yeah!)

Start 2022 on 1 Feb (TBD).