A recent list of event winners (including Junior events) is below. Please see the links for previous years. The club members’ recent ACF ratings can be found here.


Honourable Bob: Nathan Hibberd

Lightning #1: Bruce Williams

Purdy Cup: Bruce Williams

Hobsons Bay Cup: Bruce Williams

Lightning #2: Dean Hogg

Western Masters – Bruce Williams (4/5)

Western Major – Daniel Gusain (4.5/5)

Western Minor – Regina Edwards (4/5)

Western Swiss – Matthew Whitford (5/5)

Allegro: Blumenfeld Counter Gambit: Bruce Williams

Best in the West: James Morris 1st, Bruce Williams 2nd

Koshnitsky Cup: Bruce Williams

Lightning #3: Daniel Gusain (7/7)

Allegro: Kings Gambit Accepted:

Club Championship: Bruce Williams

Club Reserves: Chris Mullen and Guy Russo (joint 1st)


Honourable Bob: Dean Hogg

Lightning #1: equal 1st: Dean Hogg, Vishal Bhat, David Beaumont

Purdy Cup: Tony Davis

Allegro #1: Dean Hogg

Hobsons Bay Cup: Dean Hogg

Lightning #2: Dean Hogg

Rapid Play: Mohammad Cheema

Allegro #2: Dean Hogg

Best in the West: James Morris, Domagoj Dragicevic, Carl Gorka and Kris Chan

Koshnitsky Cup: Nathan Hibberd and Dean Hogg

Lightning #3: Mohammed Cheema

Allegro #3: Tony Davis

Club Championship: Nathan Hibberd

Club reserves: Daniel Gusain

2015 winners

Honourable Bob: Dean Hogg

Lightning 1: Milan Roldan

Purdy Cup: Dean Hogg, Anandaram Jothibabu, Steven Hogan

Hobsons Bay Cup: Tony Davis

Allegro 1: Mohammad Cheema, Milan Ilic

Lightning 2: Tony Davis

Allegro 2: Dean Hogg

Koshnitsky Cup: Mohammad Cheema

Best in the West: Kanan Izzat, James Morris, Domagoj Dragicevic and Bobby Yu

Lightning 3: Dean Hogg

Allegro 3: Dean Hogg

Club championship: Vishal Bhat

Club reserves: Milan Ilic