The HOBSONS BAY CHESS CLUB Inc. is a truly multicultural western Melbourne club. Members come from a variety of backgrounds and can boast of heritages from – Australia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Philippines, the Ukraine, Macedonia, China and Chile.

Chess is a great equaliser and teacher, where the young compete on equal terms with the not-so-young, girls with boys and men with women. The age of members at the club ranges from 8 to over 60. There is never a more level playing field than a chessboard.

The club is a community-oriented group. Each year the club conducts an exhibition during the Bayside Festival in Altona and the Williamstown Festival, which pits the club’s champion against members of the Hobsons Bay community. These exhibitions have unearthed some very talented players, now members of the club.

The club has been affiliated with the Chess Victoria Inc (CV) since 1975 and between 1982 and 1996 it conducted (and still conducts) one of the major weekend Open tournaments in Australia, The Best In The West Open, which attracted Australia’s leading players as well as visiting overseas experts. More club history can be found here.

The club has a youth policy that has junior games, tournaments and coaching from 630pm on Tuesdays for its junior players.

The club is currently meeting at the Salvation Army Centre, 108 Queen Street, Altona on Tuesday nights from 7.30 PM. The Juniors meet at the same location from 6.30 PM.  The club can be contacted by using the contact form below. Please scroll down for a location map.

Tuesday club location map:


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