Hobson Bay Cup Juniors 2022 Final Standings

The Juniors have completed their Hobsons Bay Cup, with full results available here. But a summary of the top place getters is below:

Open Under 1000 category

  • Champion: Ma,Yat Alfred (medal + certificate)
  • 1st Runner up: Mogullapalli,Advaith (certificate)
  • 2nd Runner up: Nadella,Hitansh (certificate)

Girls Category

  • Champion: Arumalla,Anjana Reddy (medal + certificate)
  • 1st Runner up: Santoso,Crystin (certificate)
  • 2nd Runner up: Syed,Habibah  (certificate)

Open Under 500 category

  • Champion: Cyrus, Noah (medal + certificate)
  • 1st Runner up: Schreiber,Kenny (certificate)
  • 2nd Runner up: Prideaux,Heidi (certificate)

Arbiter Award for most improved- Abby Chan (certificate)

Junior chess to return to Hobsons Bay Chess

We are excited and pleased to announce that we will be running junior chess at our venue on Tuesday nights, starting on the 17 May from 630pm (finishing by 830pm). These events will be vital to cultivate long-term chess interest through the club, and to fill a need for the local junior chess players. Many thanks to Casey Goh for running with this idea and making it a reality!

Full details are still being worked through, but there will be a junior membership fee (proposed to be $50) per annum, as well as a $10 tournament fee (for each tournament entered). This is to cover costs, prizes, etc. These junior events will also be ACF rated.

There is a participation form to be completed by a guardian/parent, that will appear on the web site soon, but it is also attached to this post. Please print it and sign before we start.

Junior 2015 championship and reserve results

As part of catching up with club events on here, the Junior 2015 championship and reserve results have been included here. They can also be found my navigating to the Junior pages.cup winner

Congratulations to Timothy Hu and George Dogaris, equal winners of the 2015 Championship, and congratulations to Julian McIntyre who won the Reserves section.