Ratings movement to the end of 2022…

As we wind down for 2022, here is something for those that track or are concerned about such matters, I have updated the page of member’s ACF ratings here. You can also see the full and detailed June lists on the ACF web site.


Koshnitsky cup, results and ratings

Please see attached the results for round 6 and pairings for round 7. We have a 3 way tie for the lead between Joemar, Rheyansh and Hamish going into a big final round.

The September ACF ratings also came out this week, with several members likely to have achieved their first national rating. The ratings lists can be viewed on the Australian Chess Federation website (Link below). The “Classic Active” is the file to view.

There were some highlights for HBCC members including:

  1. Sam De Rooy and Hamish Bassig were in the top 30 most improved players over the quarter, with Sam gaining over 300 points!
  2. Sam and Jack De Rooy played the most rated games of any player in Australia over the past 3 months, both passing 50!

Well done guys!

Ratings | Australian Chess Federation Inc. (auschess.org.au)

Round 6 results

 1=Lacson,Joemar        (4.0)-Bassig,Hamish     (5.0)=1-0
 2=Annapureddy,Rheyansh (4.0)-Paul,Cijo         (4.0)=1-0
 3=Krishnan,Anirudh     (3.5)-Hari,Dhruv        (3.5)=1-0
 4=Paul,Nikash          (3.0)-Hogan,Steven      (3.0)=½-½
 5=Saric,Sergey         (3.0)-Matijas,Dejan     (3.0)=1-0
 6=Davis,Tony J         (3.0)-Whitford,Matthew  (2.5)=1-0
 7=Szuveges,Narelle S   (2.5)-Nowak,Ruben       (2.5)=0-1
 8=McIntyre,Julian      (2.0)-Lingineni,Khushal (2.5)=1-0
 9=Picone,James         (2.0)-Maure,Eric        (2.0)=1F-0F
10=Wilkinson,Greg       (2.0)-Kostakakis,Angelo (2.0)=1-0
11=Clerk,Max            (1.5)-Palyam,Pranshiv   (2.0)=1-0
12=Kirk,Ian             (1.5)-Gopalan,Pradyun   (1.5)=1-0
13=De Rooy,Samuel       (1.5)-Bodke,Krishna     (1.0)=1-0
14=Bodke,Sahasra        (0.0)-De Rooy,Jack      (1.0)=0-1
15=Liu,Tina             (1.0)-Adapa,Rakshan     (0.0)=1-0
16=Hogg,Dean            (2.5)-( not paired )
17=Shenouda,Rafik       (0.0)-( not paired )

ACF ratings from June

The Australian Chess Federation publishes new ratings every quarter. The June ratings and the change in our club ratings can be found here. Congratulations to the following members who have increased their rating by more than 80! And a special cheer for Niruruthi, for an excellent improvement, who had the best improvement (293) in Australia.

Club member Jun-16 Change
Buzdar, Rashid 1551 87
Harris, Anthony 1683 92
Hibberd, Aaron 832 166
Nowak, Ruben 1435 115
Ravichandren, Niruruthi 1443 293
Wootten, Rory 1329 93