Guy vs Rashid

Thanks to Rashid for sending in this position from his recent game against Guy. Is it a draw? From a material point of view, Back is winning, but the white N holds everything together. Interesting to consider if White can make any progress or push some pawns, and if the R tries to go on a tour to grab more pawns, then the white K just gets checked a lot? Black has to be careful of discovered checks as well in the current position.

8/6p1/6p1/1p2k1P1/1P2N3/2PP4/3KR3/6q1 b - - 0 1A possible sequence is: 1…Qa1 2.Rf2 Ke6 3.Kc2 Ke7 4.Rd2 Ke8 5.Rf2 Kd8 6.d4 Ke7 7.Nd2 Qe1 8.Rf4 Qh1 9.Re4+ Kf7 10.Re5 Qa1 11.Nb1 Qa4+ 12.Kb2 Qd1 13.Na3 Qd2+ 14.Nc2 Qd3 15.Ne3 Qd2+ 16.Nc2 Qd3 17.Ne3, that leads to the position below, with the Q and N then just oscillating back and forth (sigh).
8/5kp1/6p1/1p2R1P1/1P1P4/2PqN3/1K6/8 b - - 22 17