A list of event winners (including Junior events) for this year are below. Please see the links for previous years 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015. The club members’ recent ACF ratings can be found here.


Honourable Bob: David Beaumont, Nathan Hibberd

Lightning #1: Daniel Gusain

CJS Purdy Cup: Daniel Gusain

Allegro #1: From Gambit (1.f4 e5, 2. fxe5): Daniel Gusain

Hobsons Bay Cup: Daniel Gusain

Lightning #2: Daniel Gusain

Western Master:

Western Major:

Western Minor:

Western Swiss:

Losing Points Lightning:

Allegro #2: TBA opening

Koshnitsky Cup:

Best in the West: 

Lightning #3:

Allegro #3: TBA opening

Club championship and reserves: