March 2020 Ratings updated

The latest updated ACF ratings (and current FIDE rating) for our members are available, listed here.

It is also pleasing to see that Tina Deng has now achieved an ACF rating (160)! She has been coming to the club since April 2018, but only recently scored a result, allowing her to get an ACF (and presumably FIDE) rating. She played 34 rateable games between September 2018 rating period and the December 2019 rating period. This is a great example of perseverance and dedication to improve, even though she scored zero and (usually)  had a bye in each event she entered.

Juniors participation agreement

We are asking parents/guardians of junior players to sign the Junior Participation Agreement regarding junior players participating at the club. We would like you to sign to acknowledge the recommendation of the Committee that juniors have supervision during club events and also agree that juniors should not leave the playing venue until such time as they are picked up.

Please note that this is only a precautionary measure. The Club has had no issues with any junior conduct at the club and appreciates the participation of juniors who clearly love the challenge that chess presents!
The form can also be found in future on the Membership page.

Prize winners for 2019, and the AGM

The motions that were successful at the AGM were as follows:
1) Half point byes will now count towards club championship qualification
2) Lightning events will retain the same time control (5 mins + 3 seconds) but will increase from 7 rounds per evening to 9 rounds.
3) The Allegro theme nights remain, the first one will be standard chess, with opening themes to be decided for the subsequent events on the night of the 1st allegro.
In terms of presentation, please join with me in congratulating the award winners for 2019. They were:
Honourable Bob – Nathan Hibberd & David Beaumont
Purdy Cup – Daniel Gusain
Hobsons Bay Cup – Daniel Gusain
Koshnitsky Cup – David Beaumont
Western Masters – Daniel Gusain
Western Major – Julian McIntyre & Steve Hogan
Western Minor – Sergey Saric
Western Swiss – Cijo Paul & Shashi Mathew
Player of the Year – David Beaumont
Lightning Player of the Year – Daniel Gusain
Allegro Player of the Year – Daniel Gusain
Most improved – Felix Clerk
Most improved senior – Matthew Whitford
Reserves Champion – Mark Salanowski & Steve Hogan
Club Championship Runner-Up – Daniel Gusain
Club Champion – Nathan Hibberd
Steven wishes you and your families all the best for the Christmas and New Year break. Also, best wishes to the members who are competing in the Australian Championships and Australian Junior Championships over the coming weeks.

Club member results in the Australian Open

The chess open, not the tennis, silly ūüėČ Report from Steven Hogan:

Hoping you each had a terrific Christmas and new year period. Some club members took on the challenge of the Australian Open tournament between 27 Р31 December. Below are the results for the club members. The event was split into two tournaments, the Australian Open and Australian Minor (which is limited to players below 1600 FIDE), and each were 9 round events.
Australian Open
Daniel Gusain – 5.5
David Beaumont – 5.5
Dean Hogg – 4/7
Myiesha Maunders – 4
Tony Davis – 4
Steven Hogan – 2.5
Matthew Whitford – 2.5
Australian Minor
Milan Ilic – 6
Sophie Davis – 6
Ruben Nowak – 5.5
Sergey Saric – 5.5
Lang Jing – 4
Well done to all the club members who took on the event.
Chess will start back on 22 January with an informal evening (where different variants of chess will be available). First tournament evening is the following week on 29 January. See the calendar for the full year event timings.

Awards night, AGM and club in recess

Tomorrow night, from 7pm, is our end of year function for awards presentation, festive fun and food followed by our Annual General Meeting. Please come along for some cheer and at the AGM we will be deciding on our event schedule and the time controls for our events.

The club will then be in recess until the end of January 2019. To all my readers, have a safe and happy break, and may your chess rating losses be little ones.

Please make sure you attend your game!

Just a quick reminder about coming to chess when you are paired to play! Some players travel considerable distance to play at the club, therefore in fairness to players who attend we need to make sure that they get a game, preferably against their paired opponent.

All games get underway by 7:30pm, with a 30 minute forfeit period.

Please ensure that Steven is advised either by email or phone if you can’t attend on a night¬†that you are paired to play (phone only if notifying on the day of the game). If he is notified he will try to contact your opponent.¬†In addition, if you know in advance that you cannot attend a round, Steven should be advised as soon as possible so that the computer can allocate requested byes.These policies are in place to make every effort to ensure that all players attending the club actually get to play.

At the 2017 AGM we adopted the following policy for failure to attend without previous advice:

  • 1st time in tournament – Warning and player needs to confirm that they are wishing to continue.
  • 2nd time in tournament – Player withdrawn from tournament.

New time format for long-time games

We conducted a ballot on whether future rated tournaments would remain at 60 minutes + 30 seconds a move as per the Purdy Cup or revert to 75 minutes + 30 seconds a move. The results of the  ballot were clear, with 19 votes cast for the former and 9 for the latter. Therefore, tournaments will use the 60 minutes + 30 seconds a move time control for at least the remainder of 2018. This can be re-visited at the AGM at year end.

Personally, I don’t think the chess quality has suffered unduly, but the shorter time frame gives us all an opportunity for a slighter earlier night.

Hi and Bye to club members

As we have had a few comings and goings to our club member (seniors) list, I thought I should update the ACF ratings list on the ratings page. Bruce Williams and his partner Regina Edwards have had to return to sunny Qld; we will all be sad to see them go. Some new names to the club include Max and Felix Clerk, Kevin Deraniyagala, Alex Hell, Randy Tagala, Daniel Sheen, Zac Royston, Branislav Minic. Welcome all! Apologies if I have left someone out.