Chess when we can re-commence (9 Nov)

If and when we can resume chess, we have drastically thought about how we can run a few fun weeks of chess before the Christmas break. The plan is to have some un-rated events, of varying time controls, so we can get an ‘all rounder’ experience.

The schedule will be as follows (draft, assuming we can get 5 weeks of chess in):

  • Round 1 – Medium length games
  • Round 2 – Long games (evening 1)
  • Round 3 – Long games (evening 2)
  • Round 4 – Short length games
  • Round 5 – Blitz games

With the unrated status, the event will be FREE to financial members. Non-members will be charged the $15 tournament fee.

More details once we are closer to realising some face to face chess!


Chess variant night, Hon. Bob coming soon

There was a lot of fun with various chess variants being played. I should have taken more photos. The photo shows you having to spell out a word before your opponent does (‘capture’ the squares in the correct order).

There was also well, can’t remember the name, but a large pack of cards allowed us to cast spells and curses etc. on our own or opponent’s pieces. And teams of two played hand/mind chess (the mind just chooses a piece type, the hand makes a move with that piece); works best if you can read minds.

Starting next week and for all of February we will be playing the Honourable Bob over 5 rounds (1 game per night).