Club activities suspended

The Committee took the decision yesterday to indefinitely suspend the Hobsons Bay Chess Club due to the Corona Virus. This is not a decision we wanted to take, however the health of participants is the first priority and the club can no longer meet the requirements of Government recommendations. Important information is below.
The reasons for the suspension are due to the following:
  1. Today’s Government recommendation that people stay 1.5 metres apart. The chess club cannot operate in such conditions.
  2. The ban on indoor meetings of groups over 100 and even though we are well below this number, such a ban indicates that meeting indoors is not advisable.
  3. Similar suspensions for the majority of Victorian Chess Clubs.
The club will provide regular (minimum monthly) updates regarding activities. However, early indications is that this may take 6 months to clear up to a sufficient level to permit the club to meet. This site will also advise of the ban and provide important communication information.
We will provide refunds to those members who have paid membership fees (please provide bank details to me privately if you have paid and would like membership to be refunded this way). Otherwise, if the club is able to open later in the year, we will charge a pro-rata membership and memberships already paid can cover this (a later refund of the pro-rata discount can be provided at this time).
If the club is able to resume later in the year, we will revise the calendar to suit, along with club championship qualification if needed.

AGM 2018, new rules for 2019

A few words from our illustrious President, Steven Hogan, following the AGM held on 11 Dec (my edits below). I will update the various rules and calendar items on the site, in preparation for 2019. Merry Christmas – Scott

The club’s presentation night and AGM was held last night. Well done to all the winners, both in the seniors and juniors. The calendar for 2019 is attached, 2019 starts with an informal night on 22 January followed by the first tournament starting on 29 January.
The summary of motions past at the AGM are below:
1) The club will move to 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move time control. This is to ensure that players rated over 2200 are able to play at the club, as this time control is required by FIDE for any tournament with at least 1 players over 2200.
2) If a player wins the reserve championship outright, they will automatically qualify for the next years club championship, so long as they have completed at least 2 rated tournaments in both the year of their win in the reserves and the following year in which they have qualified for the club championship.
3) The calendar remains substantially the same. We have ensured that the Tuesday after Easter is a night of short chess so not to penalise anyone who may be away for Easter. Also, we have selected the theme for the first allegro, and will select the other 2 themes from the list voted on at the AGM.
Thank you each for your participation in 2018, and hoping to see you each in 2019. Lastly, good luck to all club players who are playing the Australian open later this month. Regards Steve