Junior chess to return to Hobsons Bay Chess

We are excited and pleased to announce that we will be running junior chess at our venue on Tuesday nights, starting on the 17 May from 630pm (finishing by 830pm). These events will be vital to cultivate long-term chess interest through the club, and to fill a need for the local junior chess players. Many thanks to Casey Goh for running with this idea and making it a reality!

Full details are still being worked through, but there will be a junior membership fee (proposed to be $50) per annum, as well as a $10 tournament fee (for each tournament entered). This is to cover costs, prizes, etc. These junior events will also be ACF rated.

There is a participation form to be completed by a guardian/parent, that will appear on the web site soon, but it is also attached to this post. Please print it and sign before we start.

COVID rules relaxed for next week

As from midnight this Friday 22nd April, the rules around COVID are being relaxed. Vaccination status will no longer need to be shown to enter indoor venues, like our chess club.

Therefore, showing evidence of vaccine status will no longer be a requirement for entering the club from this coming Tuesday (26th April). The club will be open to all, regardless of vaccination status, just in time for the start of the Hobsons Bay Cup (7 rounds, 7 weeks).

Chess when we can re-commence (9 Nov)

If and when we can resume chess, we have drastically thought about how we can run a few fun weeks of chess before the Christmas break. The plan is to have some un-rated events, of varying time controls, so we can get an ‘all rounder’ experience.

The schedule will be as follows (draft, assuming we can get 5 weeks of chess in):

  • Round 1 – Medium length games
  • Round 2 – Long games (evening 1)
  • Round 3 – Long games (evening 2)
  • Round 4 – Short length games
  • Round 5 – Blitz games

With the unrated status, the event will be FREE to financial members. Non-members will be charged the $15 tournament fee.

More details once we are closer to realising some face to face chess!

Chess cancelled for the remainder of 2020

Sadly, the Committee has taken the decision to cancel chess for the remainder of 2020, on the basis that there is no reasonable prospect of being able to recommence the activities in the current year. The stage 4 restrictions are in place until mid-September, and the venue is waiting until 100 people can meet before it re-opens, as such even fitting in a club championship over 7 weeks is not possible.
When we are able to meet again, we will do so with our AGM to direct what the club does in 2021.
The club will not be charging any membership fees for 2020. Therefore, players who have paid their 2020 membership will have this credited to the following year. If any player would prefer a refund of the membership, please feel free to contact me with bank details and I’ll arrange the deposit.
Players are welcome to play casual games against each other, I have played a number of members in multiple games and have enjoyed playing, despite it being done remotely.

Update on COVID-19 impact on chess

Although the Government will shortly announce the further easing of restrictions, allowing 50 people to meet, there remain some matters than need to be worked through that prevent the club from setting a re-commencement date. These issues are outlined below.
1: The Salvation Army will be opening their venues once 100 people are allowed to meet. This will be required before the club can re-commence.
2: We have written to Chess Victoria (CV) seeking advice on a State-wide policy for re-opening chess clubs. We have asked CV for advice that would apply to re-opening of all Victorian Chess Clubs that’s supported by Government advice. Our public liability insurance is through CV, therefore their guidance on re-opening chess clubs will inform how we can proceed.
3: The Committee are discussing a draft COVID policy for the club to follow, along with a revised calendar for what will remain of the year and pro-rata membership fees. These will all be available prior to re-commencing.
We will continue to provide updates as they are relevant. Please be assured that we are actively looking at timing and policies for the club returning, however we are not in a position to advise a date at this time.

Club activities suspended

The Committee took the decision yesterday to indefinitely suspend the Hobsons Bay Chess Club due to the Corona Virus. This is not a decision we wanted to take, however the health of participants is the first priority and the club can no longer meet the requirements of Government recommendations. Important information is below.
The reasons for the suspension are due to the following:
  1. Today’s Government recommendation that people stay 1.5 metres apart. The chess club cannot operate in such conditions.
  2. The ban on indoor meetings of groups over 100 and even though we are well below this number, such a ban indicates that meeting indoors is not advisable.
  3. Similar suspensions for the majority of Victorian Chess Clubs.
The club will provide regular (minimum monthly) updates regarding activities. However, early indications is that this may take 6 months to clear up to a sufficient level to permit the club to meet. This site will also advise of the ban and provide important communication information.
We will provide refunds to those members who have paid membership fees (please provide bank details to me privately if you have paid and would like membership to be refunded this way). Otherwise, if the club is able to open later in the year, we will charge a pro-rata membership and memberships already paid can cover this (a later refund of the pro-rata discount can be provided at this time).
If the club is able to resume later in the year, we will revise the calendar to suit, along with club championship qualification if needed.

Chess still operating, for now…

Just a confirmation that with the Corona Virus and State of Emergency in Victoria, chess club will be continuing until I provide further advice. This decision is based on current advice that gatherings under 500 people can continue. If advice comes that the community should not meet indoors (i.e. mass school system closure) then any change in this situation will be advised. The other situation that may result in suspension of the club is if the Salvation Army venue closes (this is not currently the case).
In terms of ensuring the health of participants, the following MUST be adhered to:
  1. Players who experience flu-like symptoms stay away from chess until the matter is cleared with your doctor;
  2. If any player has contact with a person that is suspected to have Corona, stay away until either you complete a 14 day quarantine period OR the person who was suspected of infection receives a negative test result; and
  3. If returning from oversees, the now mandatory 14 day quarantine will include absence from chess during this period.
Thanks for the co-operation with these important matters. Any queries can be directed to Steven Hogan.