Western Summer Juniors 2023 Result @11th Feb 2023

Congratulation to all the Western Summer Juniors 2023 winners

Open Category
Champion- Khushal Lingineni
1st  Runner Up- Liyuan Li
2nd Runner Up- Fergus Tang

Girls Category
Champion- Anjana Reddy Arumalla
1st Runner Up- Crystin Santoso
2nd Runner Up- Srisakthi Shenbagakumar

Under 12 Category
Champion- Dhruthin Reddy
1st  Runner Up- Rishaan Pramod
2nd Runner Up- Shrevin Chalamcharla

Under 10 Category
Champion- Aaron Zeng
1st  Runner Up- Andrew Wei
2nd Runner Up- Arjun Saha

Under 8 Category
Champion- Adidev Sheth
1st  Runner Up- Jeremie Bo
2nd Runner Up- Aidan Batyrbekov

  1. Rating- If you need to access the individual round result, please click on Tornelo link. Games have been submitted to Tornelo for rating purpose. Note that the final standing in Tornelo is slightly different from Vega. For the submission to Australia Chess Federation, we will be using Vega pairing software to tabulate the final and official result. https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/hobsons-bay-chess-club/events/western-summer-juniors-championship-2023
  2. Livestream- Games for Board 1 are available here (all 5 rounds)
  3. Tournament Photos– please link and follow our Facebook page.


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