Lightning results

Please see the crosstable attached for the recent lightning event. Well done to David Beaumont for taking out the event!

This week we played a Fischer Random themed Allegro, ahead of the club championship starting the following week.


 N NAME                 Pts|  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  
  1 Ogada-Osir,Ibrahim  5.5|+B14 -W8  +B13 +W4  +B3  =W2  +B10
  2 Beaumont,David      6.5|+W15 +B11 +W8  +B3  +W7  =B1  +W4 
  3 Paul,Cijo           4.0|+B16 +W10 +B20 -W2  -W1  +B23 -W7 
  4 Hogan,Steven        5.0|+W17 +B13 +W25 -B1  +W8  +B6  -B2 
  5 Saric,Sergey        4.5|+B18 -W20 +B14 =W10 -B6  +W11 +B12
  6 Nowak,Ruben         4.5|+W19 -B25 +W15 =B11 +W5  -W4  +B20
  7 Paul,Nikash         5.0|-B20 +W22 +B17 +W23 -B2  +W12 +B3 
  8 Krishnan,Anirudh    4.0|+W21 +B1  -B2  +W20 -B4  -W10 +B17
  9 Richards,Derek      2.0|-B22 +W18 -B23 -W17 -B14 +W21 -B24
 10 Hari,Dhruv          4.5|+W23 -B3  +W19 =B5  +W11 +B8  -W1 
 11 Matijas,Dejan       3.5|+B24 -W2  +B22 =W6  -B10 -B5  +W19
 12 De Rooy,Jack        3.0|-W25 -B19 +W21 +B24 +W17 -B7  -W5 
 13 De Rooy,Samuel   (W)1.0|+B26 -W4  -W1   --   --   --   -- 
 14 Clerk,Max           3.0|-W1  +B21 -W5  -B25 +W9  +B15 -W23
 15 Picone,James        3.0|-B2  +W24 -B6  +W22 -B20 -W14 +B16
 16 Eldridge,Dylan      1.0|-W3  -B23 -W24 -B21 +BYE -B19 -W15
 17 Goh,Casey           3.0|-B4  +W26 -W7  +B9  -B12 +W22 -W8 
 18 Goh,Nicholas        2.5|-W5  -B9  +W26 =B19 +W21 -W20 -B22
 19 Keenan,Liam         2.5|-B6  +W12 -B10 =W18 -B23 +W16 -B11
 20 Lingineni,Khushal   4.0|+W7  +B5  -W3  -B8  +W15 +B18 -W6 
 21 Liu,Tina            2.0|-B8  -W14 -B12 +W16 -B18 -B9  +BYE
 22 Majety,Rohan        3.0|+W9  -B7  -W11 -B15 +W24 -B17 +W18
 23 Micallef,Reuben     4.0|-B10 +W16 +W9  -B7  +W19 -W3  +B14
 24 Nadella,Hitansh     3.0|-W11 -B15 +B16 -W12 -B22 +BYE +W9 
 25 Ruaya,Chris      (W)3.0|+B12 +W6  -B4  +W14  --   --   -- 
 26 Ruaya,Rohan      (W)1.0|-W13 -B17 -B18 +BYE  --   --   -- 

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