Koshnitsky cup Junior results

Congratulations to all the winners for Koshnitsky Cup Junior 2022. Prize presentation will be scheduled end of the year.

Under 1000

  • 1st: Lingineni, Khushal (medal)
  • 2nd: Arumalla, Anjana Reddy (certificate)
  • 3rd: Ma, Yat Alfred  (certificate)

Best Girls

  • 1st: Shenbagakumar, Srishakthi (medal)
  • 2nd: Chan, Abby (certificate)
  • 3rd: Syed, Habibah (certificate)

Under 500**

  • 1st: Bodke, Krishna  (medal)
  • 2nd: Gill, Noah (certificate)
  • 3rd: Venkatesh, Arvind (certificate)

Arbiter Award for Most Improved: Schreiber, Kenny (certificate)

**Tie Breaker is based on Buchholz Cut 1 and Buchholz 

Warmest Regards, Casey Goh

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