Hobsons Bay Cup – penultimate round

Please see attached the results for Tuesday and next week’s pairings. Dean and Tony are neck and neck. And a word from our President:

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the several players who advised me in advance they were unwell and unable to make chess. This is greatly appreciated and allowed the evening to run smoothly. I wish those players who are unwell a speedy recovery. I will be on holiday this week. Casey and Tony have kindly agreed to run the club on Tuesday. 

Round 6 results

 1=Hogg,Dean            (4.5)-Hogan,Steven     (4.0)= 2-10=1-0
 2=Davis,Tony J         (4.0)-Paul,Nikash      (3.5)= 4- 8=1-0
 3=Szuveges,Narelle S   (3.5)-Whitford,Matthew (2.0)= 5- 7=½-½
 4=Cajes,Conrado        (3.0)-Matijas,Dejan    (2.5)= 9-17=1-0
 5=Annapureddy,Rheyansh (2.5)-De Rooy,Jack     (2.5)=11-31=1F-0F
 6=Hari,Dhruv           (2.5)-Saric,Sergey     (2.5)=33-15=1-0
 7=Davis,Sophie         (2.0)-Maure,Eric       (2.5)=22-19=1-0
 8=Chettri,Vedish       (2.0)-Wilkinson,Greg   (2.0)=37-30=1-0
 9=Kostakakis,Angelo    (1.0)-Richards,Derek   (1.5)=25-13=0-1
10=Mogullupalli,Advaith (1.0)-Kirk,Ian         (1.0)=38-20=0-1
11=Pramod,Rishaan       (0.0)-Waadhwa,Ehsaas   (1.0)=35-23=0-1
12=Hibberd,Nathan       (3.5)-( not paired )   
13=Beaumont,David       (3.5)-( not paired )  
14=Enano,Ronald         (3.0)-( not paired )  
15=Salanowski,Mark      (2.0)-( not paired )  
16=Krishnan,Anirudh     (2.5)-( not paired )  
17=McIntyre,Julian      (2.5)-( not paired ) 
18=Galia,Aaryan         (1.0)-( not paired ) 
19=Condick,Peter        (3.0)-( not paired ) 
20=Hibberd,Aaron        (1.5)-( not paired ) 
21=Clerk,Max            (2.5)-( not paired ) 
22=Christian,Gavin      (1.0)-( not paired ) 
23=Mahajan,Laksh        (0.0)-( not paired ) 
24=Santoso,Crystin      (1.0)-( not paired ) 
25=De Rooy,Samuel       (2.0)-( not paired )
26=Liu,Tina             (1.0)-( not paired )
27=Herlihy,Brian        (2.0)-( not paired ) 

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