Farewell 2021!

From our illustrious President:

The calendar for 2022 is now updated (here). It remains substantially unchanged from the 2021 calendar. We will commence back with an informal evening on Tuesday 18 January, with the first rated event to start 25 January.

The key points from the AGM are as follows:


  • Steve Hogan (President, Treasurer)
  • Mark Salanowski (Vice President, Secretary)
  • Scott Humphreys (Website)
  • Casey Goh (General Committee)
  • Matt Whitford (General Committee)
  • Ruben Nowak (General Committee).

The club will look to re-commence its junior program in 2022. This is viewed by the Committee as vital to the longer-term success of the club.

We will look to offer online blitz and/or rapid events in 2022 through Tornelo. Casey has experience in administering these types of events and has kindly brought this up as an opportunity for the club. These will operate over a couple hour period and will provide an opportunity to connect with new players. When times for these are known, I would encourage players to invite friends with an interest in chess to join.

Thank you each for the 2021 year, although it was interrupted by COVID. Looking forward to a big 2022 at the club. Steven Hogan

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1 thought on “Farewell 2021!

  1. Hi I’d like to come to the chess event to try and compete on the 25 January 2022 I’ve got several years of social playing only non studies with an estimated ranking of 1200-1300 roughly estimate thanks Gary Siani


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