Details for chess resuming on 9 November

The event will run over 5 weeks, with a variety of game lengths. Players will accumulate points from each game, with the winner being the player gaining the highest number of points. The lengths of the games, and number of points attached is each is as follows:

  • Blitz – 9 rounds – 1 evening – 5 + 3 secs delay – 1 point per game
  • Short length – 5 rounds – 1 evening – 10 mins + 5 secs delay 2 points per game
  • Medium length – 4 rounds – 1 evening – 20 mins + 10 secs delay 3 points per game
  • Long – 4 round – 2 evenings – 30 mins + 15 secs delay 4 points per game

The dates of the games will be as follows:

  • 9 Nov – Medium length games
  • 16 Nov – Long games (night 1)
  • 23 Nov – Long games (night 2)
  • 30 Nov – Short Length Games
  • 7 Dec – Blitz

The Medium Length and Long games will be paired as one single event for the purpose of determining the pairings. Therefore, players will play different opponents across the 3 initial evenings. The Short length and blitz rounds will be paired as separate tournaments.
Players may take 1 of the first 3 rounds as byes, and will receive half the points available for the evening they are away.

As the event is unrated, it is free for members of the club. Normal tournament fees will apply otherwise.

Please note the winner(s) will receive a medal at presentation night for the event, however the decision was taken not to rate the event in acknowledgement of the time since we’ve been able to play in a competitive manner. Also, the event won’t decide a club champion for the year. Unfortunately the club championship and Peter Caissa Cup can’t be awarded this year.


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