Update on COVID-19 impact on chess

Although the Government will shortly announce the further easing of restrictions, allowing 50 people to meet, there remain some matters than need to be worked through that prevent the club from setting a re-commencement date. These issues are outlined below.
1: The Salvation Army will be opening their venues once 100 people are allowed to meet. This will be required before the club can re-commence.
2: We have written to Chess Victoria (CV) seeking advice on a State-wide policy for re-opening chess clubs. We have asked CV for advice that would apply to re-opening of all Victorian Chess Clubs that’s supported by Government advice. Our public liability insurance is through CV, therefore their guidance on re-opening chess clubs will inform how we can proceed.
3: The Committee are discussing a draft COVID policy for the club to follow, along with a revised calendar for what will remain of the year and pro-rata membership fees. These will all be available prior to re-commencing.
We will continue to provide updates as they are relevant. Please be assured that we are actively looking at timing and policies for the club returning, however we are not in a position to advise a date at this time.

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