Chess still operating, for now…

Just a confirmation that with the Corona Virus and State of Emergency in Victoria, chess club will be continuing until I provide further advice. This decision is based on current advice that gatherings under 500 people can continue. If advice comes that the community should not meet indoors (i.e. mass school system closure) then any change in this situation will be advised. The other situation that may result in suspension of the club is if the Salvation Army venue closes (this is not currently the case).
In terms of ensuring the health of participants, the following MUST be adhered to:
  1. Players who experience flu-like symptoms stay away from chess until the matter is cleared with your doctor;
  2. If any player has contact with a person that is suspected to have Corona, stay away until either you complete a 14 day quarantine period OR the person who was suspected of infection receives a negative test result; and
  3. If returning from oversees, the now mandatory 14 day quarantine will include absence from chess during this period.
Thanks for the co-operation with these important matters. Any queries can be directed to Steven Hogan.

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