Prize winners for 2019, and the AGM

The motions that were successful at the AGM were as follows:
1) Half point byes will now count towards club championship qualification
2) Lightning events will retain the same time control (5 mins + 3 seconds) but will increase from 7 rounds per evening to 9 rounds.
3) The Allegro theme nights remain, the first one will be standard chess, with opening themes to be decided for the subsequent events on the night of the 1st allegro.
In terms of presentation, please join with me in congratulating the award winners for 2019. They were:
Honourable Bob – Nathan Hibberd & David Beaumont
Purdy Cup – Daniel Gusain
Hobsons Bay Cup – Daniel Gusain
Koshnitsky Cup – David Beaumont
Western Masters – Daniel Gusain
Western Major – Julian McIntyre & Steve Hogan
Western Minor – Sergey Saric
Western Swiss – Cijo Paul & Shashi Mathew
Player of the Year – David Beaumont
Lightning Player of the Year – Daniel Gusain
Allegro Player of the Year – Daniel Gusain
Most improved – Felix Clerk
Most improved senior – Matthew Whitford
Reserves Champion – Mark Salanowski & Steve Hogan
Club Championship Runner-Up – Daniel Gusain
Club Champion – Nathan Hibberd
Steven wishes you and your families all the best for the Christmas and New Year break. Also, best wishes to the members who are competing in the Australian Championships and Australian Junior Championships over the coming weeks.

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