Club member results in the Australian Open

The chess open, not the tennis, silly 😉 Report from Steven Hogan:

Hoping you each had a terrific Christmas and new year period. Some club members took on the challenge of the Australian Open tournament between 27 – 31 December. Below are the results for the club members. The event was split into two tournaments, the Australian Open and Australian Minor (which is limited to players below 1600 FIDE), and each were 9 round events.
Australian Open
Daniel Gusain – 5.5
David Beaumont – 5.5
Dean Hogg – 4/7
Myiesha Maunders – 4
Tony Davis – 4
Steven Hogan – 2.5
Matthew Whitford – 2.5
Australian Minor
Milan Ilic – 6
Sophie Davis – 6
Ruben Nowak – 5.5
Sergey Saric – 5.5
Lang Jing – 4
Well done to all the club members who took on the event.
Chess will start back on 22 January with an informal evening (where different variants of chess will be available). First tournament evening is the following week on 29 January. See the calendar for the full year event timings.

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