Losing Points Lightning

Next week (17th July) we will play a skittles or knock out lightning (5 minute time, no increment) event. It is a very enjoyable and unique challenge where each player will commence with a certain number of points based on their rating. It is each player’s job to protect their points, as losses lose 1 point and draws lose 1/2 a point, with players eliminated when reaching zero, resulting in the last player left standing being declared the winner.

The points each player starts with, depending on their current ACF rating is:

ACF Rating     Starting Points
 > 2050        1.5 points
1901 - 2050    2 points
1751 - 1900    2.5 points
1601 - 1750    3 points
1451 - 1600    3.5 points
1301 - 1400    4 points
1151 - 1300    4.5 points
1001 - 1150    5 points 
1000 or less   5.5 points

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