Please make sure you attend your game!

Just a quick reminder about coming to chess when you are paired to play! Some players travel considerable distance to play at the club, therefore in fairness to players who attend we need to make sure that they get a game, preferably against their paired opponent.

All games get underway by 7:30pm, with a 30 minute forfeit period.

Please ensure that Steven is advised either by email or phone if you can’t attend on a night that you are paired to play (phone only if notifying on the day of the game). If he is notified he will try to contact your opponent. In addition, if you know in advance that you cannot attend a round, Steven should be advised as soon as possible so that the computer can allocate requested byes.These policies are in place to make every effort to ensure that all players attending the club actually get to play.

At the 2017 AGM we adopted the following policy for failure to attend without previous advice:

  • 1st time in tournament – Warning and player needs to confirm that they are wishing to continue.
  • 2nd time in tournament – Player withdrawn from tournament.

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