Western tournaments, starting lineup

The western masters, major, minor and swiss events (4 events!) have started. The first 3 events are round robin of 6 players each, the swiss has started with 9 players. The starting lineups for the round robins are:

Masters Major Minor
Dean Hogg Daniel Gusain Phil Minichelli
Mark Salanowski Derek Richards Chris Mullen
Narelle Szuveges Charlie McIntyre Guy Russo
Tony Davis Ruben Nowak Myesha Maunders
Bruce Williams Steven Hogan Regina Edwards
Nathan Hibberd Tony Ramos Angelo Kostakakis

The swiss event round 1 results are below:

No Name              Loc Total  Result   Name            Loc  Total

 1 O'Leary, Mike     395 [0]      0:1    Dogaris, George 1033 [0]  
 2 Whitford, Matthew 775 [0]      1:0    Liu, William    311  [0]  
 3 Shelev, Petar     521 [0]      0:1    Liu, Jim        461  [0]  
 4 Doust, Aidan      451 [0]      1:0    Trofimovs, Joel      [0]  
 5 Castles, Tommy        [0]     .5:0    BYE   

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