Purdy cup round 2

The second round of the Purdy cup had some hard fought games (more in the comments to this post). The results are below.

No|Name              |Total| Result  |Name                   |Total

 1|Hogg, Dean        |[1]  |   1:0   |Szuveges, Narelle S    |[1]  
 2|Wang, Kayson      |[1]  |   0:1   |Davis, Tony J          |[1]  
 3|Humphreys, Scott  |[1]  |   1:0   |Salanowski, Mark       |[1]  
 4|Hogan, Steven     |[1]  |   0:1   |Enano, Ronald          |[1]  
 5|Bennett, Calvin   |[1]  |   0:1   |Hibberd, Nathan        |[1]  
 6|Cheema, Mohammad  |[.5] |   1:0   |Richards, Derek        |[1]  
 7|O'Leary, Mike     |[.5] |   0:1   |Wootten, Rory          |[.5] 
 8|Russo, Guy        |[0]  |  .5:.5  |Buzdar, Rashid         |[0]  
 9|Ramos, Antonio    |[0]  |   +:-   |Bejjanki, Pranav Sai   |[0]  
10|Scott, Clem       |[0]  |   +:-   |McIntyre, Charlie      |[0]  
11|Nowak, Ruben      |[0]  |  .5:.5  |Downs, Andrew          |[0]  
12|Kostakakis, Angelo|[0]  |  .5:.5  |Hibberd, Aaron         |[0]  
13|Papac, Luka       |[0]  |   0:1   |Ravichandren, Niruruthi|[0]  
14|Saric, Sergey     |[0]  |   0:1   |Harris, Anthony        |[0]  
15|Doust, Jordan     |[0]  |   1:0   |Liu, Jim               |[0]

1 thought on “Purdy cup round 2

  1. My game against Mark started off badly for me, but after an exchange of Queens, I had a dominant central position ready to roll over him. Mark upset my plans with an exchange sacrifice, but eventually I had to work hard to convert the full point, once I had managed to reduce his K-side pawn majority.

    Kayson vs Tony was on the board next to me. They were both manoeuvring pieces in front of each others King, and one slip proved fatal to Kayson.

    The only other game I saw was Guy vs Rashid. It was R+N+Ps vs Q and less pawns. The N held everything together, so the Q was useless in making threats. I did not see the finish, but a draw seemed a fair result.


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